Customer Success Program

Years of technology investment and delivering memorable customer experiences at any cost, means every retailer wrestles with technology debt. Overhead expenses don’t alter your customers’ expectations for delivering the in-store and on-line experiences that earn their loyalty. Grace Tech’s Customer Success Program (CSP) delivers affordable, tailored, value-added services that simplify how businesses implement, support, and manage technology investments. Our Customer Success Program reduces the financial burden of handling multiple service providers, while reducing potential system downtime, at any enterprise scale. Whether your enterprise operates three or three thousand locations, our Customer Success Program allows you to quickly adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting budget.


Grace Tech strategically deploys a broad portfolio of retail solutions into your environment to achieve your business goals. Our implementation team possesses a wealth of Customer Success expertise, harmonizing your online and offline presence. Installation of new hardware, software configuration, removal of old systems, and system kickoffs are tailored to your organizational requirements with minimal business interruptions. Grace Tech systems are integration-friendly and can sit on top of existing operational systems, including point-of-sale and back office applications, making integration a quick and painless process.

Design Studio

The Design Studio delivers turn-key solutions to design, prepare, and manage projects end-to-end, using the most cost effective and space efficient design options. Businesses must deeply connect with their customers. Our design experts will enhance your brand image with a dynamic and engaging environment. Our process optimizes your locations to create memorable customer experiences, simplify workflows, and maximize revenue potential. Our services include architecture & design, technology roadmap planning, and overall project management, so you can open on-time and within budget.


CashSmart digital services automate cash handling workflows that would otherwise waste valuable employee resources. CashSmart is an end-to-end program that streamlines cash management, cash forecasting, and cash balancing, providing real time cash visibility. Grace Tech manages each of your locations’ cash flow uniquely and efficiently, providing all of the cash analytics you need to optimize your organization’s cash management workflows.

Help Desk

Our help desk operates 24/7/365 and proactively monitors your devices to prevent minor issues from unnecessarily escalating. For most issues we diagnose your device remotely and provide solutions that don’t require onsite support. When onsite support is required, we respond onsite in as little as four hours. Our systems are designed to require minimal technical support. However, in the rare instances you do need technical support we always have you covered.

Training & Learning Center

Our tailored employee training & learning program will position your organization to maximize the return-on-value for your technology solutions. Our training courses are conducted at your convenience either onsite, virtually, or at a local training center. We collaborate with your team to outline the best business practices as part of your digital transformation strategy. As your dedicated partner, we measure your return-on-value proactively in conjunction with your team to ensure your organization is always on track to meet every goal.

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