The Grace Tech Story

Our Purpose: We want to change the way the world uses technology by helping women and underrepresented minorities.

Our Mission: The GraceTech mission is simple: change the way the world uses technology. Using our digital transformation expertise and portfolio, businesses of all sizes are able to better serve their customers, while creating memorable experiences. These capabilities translate into significant cost savings, help secure revenue, increase employee productivity, and add unparalleled value.

Our Commitment: Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to improve the quality of life, and it is our social responsibility to create pathways of opportunity for all people across this global community we all share. Gender, inter-regional, generational, and income equalities are all at risk of widening. As a proud member of the Pledge1 movement, Grace Tech proudly donates 2% of all profits to organizations dedicated to expanding access in computer science education and increasing technology participation for women and underrepresented minorities.

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