RoboCash is a turnkey cash room automation solution. Integrating note and coin recycling technology, RoboCash delivers value to your business by automating all cash handling duties such as till management, end-of-day cash reconciliation, and bank deposit preparation. Management and high wage personnel are usually tasked with cash handling responsibilities. Your employees are your business’s most valuable resource. Give your business the uplift it deserves; enable your employees to focus on your pain points instead of handling cash. RoboCash dynamically impacts your bottom line, substantially reducing overhead costs such as labor and banking fees. Evolve your business in the digital age with RoboCash. 

Manual Cash Handling

The RoboCash Process

RoboCash Benefits :

Automates all cash handling labor
Substantially increases cashier daily uptime
Recaptures non-working idle floating cash
Enforces strict employee cash accountability
Automates all cash management accounting
Minimizes cash cost at all organizational levels including corporate, treasury, and store

RoboCash is the laborsaving technology you need.

Automate your cash room today.